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Pay From The Heart

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Pay From The Heart refers to the ancient practice of Dana* an ancient Yogic and Buddhist tradition of generosity or giving without expectation of return to support those freely offering the teachings.

For me, Pay From The Heart allows me to appreciate and recognize that only you know what you can afford in your unique circumstances. I share my experience and the teachings freely and invite you to support me and my offerings by gifting according to your means. It is an opportunity to practice generosity.

Please consider an offering in the range of $5 – $10 per class. Some may need to offer less and some may be able to offer more. Some may not be able to make an offering at this time, especially during the current Covid 19 pandemic. Most important is that we can practice together and support one another. Your presence online together and your practice together creates the vibration of higher consciousness for all.

Your dana, in any amount, is greatly appreciated and received with gratitude. Thank you!

With love & light always, Amrit Sadhana ~ Vickie

*Dana is a Sanskrit and Pali word.