Yoga Classes Offered Live Online

In-Person Studio Classes Canceled Temporarily

All in-person studio classes are canceled until further notice due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) per recommendation in order from Mayor Narkewicz and the Director of Public Health issued on 3/11/2020.

Weekly classes offered previously are now available live online. Registration is required. Classes offered:

VH Hatha Yoga – Sunday Class
VH Dharma Gentle Yoga – Wednesday Class
Pay From The Heart

VH Hatha Raja Yoga – Sunday Class*

I love teaching this class because I can creatively share my yoga practice with you drawing from my experience as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher and as a Dharma Yoga Teacher. Enjoy an even paced, gentle flow. Using breath awareness throughout the practice, we move  consciously in the present moment remaining connected mind, body, heart and soul. Sun salutations are frequently incorporated into the class. Gentle stretches and deep guided relaxation round out the practice.

This is a moderately physical class. Before you begin, gather your props. You will need your yoga mat and may want to use a blanket, cushion, bolster, blocks, and strap.

Dates: Weekly on Sundays 

Time: 4:30 -5:45 pm 

Location: Live online from Home Studio

Pay From The Heart

VH Dharma Gentle Yoga – Wednesday Class*

Enjoy a meditative, healing, restorative Dharma Gentle Yoga asana sequence with stretching and deep guided relaxation. The pace of the class is slow and gentle. No experience required, but individuals need to be able to get up and down from the mat.

I very much enjoy sharing my practice and teaching this beautiful sequence in which we move conscientiously and slowly with the breath. The entire practice is a meditation. It is my go to practice when I want to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you are new to Yoga, recovering from injury or illness or an experienced yogi, you will benefit from this practice.

Before you begin, gather your props.  You will need your yoga mat, blanket, block or bolster and a sturdy straight back or folding chair. You may like an eye pillow for deep relaxation.

Dates: Weekly on Wednesdays

Time:  9:30 – 10:45 AM

Location: Live online from Home Studio

Pay From The Heart

Vickie taught this class at Forbes Library for many years. Participants in the class have used the recording below for home practice. Please feel free to do so as well.

Audio Recording of our Dharma Gentle Yoga Class

The Dharma Gentle Class was designed by Sri Dharma Mittra who founded one of the early independent schools of Yoga in New York City in 1975.  He is the author of the world-renowned masterpiece, The Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures. Sri Dharma Mittra’s life represents intense service to mankind through the ethical, spiritual, and practical physical philosophy of Yoga in action. He has influenced hundreds of thousands of students in his over 50 years of teaching.

VH Kundalini Yoga*

Come online with me to experience a curiously uplifting practice!

The first time I practiced this form of yoga I was surprised to find that I felt calm, centered and energized all at the same time. The kriyas (exercises) were very different from any yoga asana I had ever practiced before.

Kundalini Yoga is a very active practice which is repetitive, rhythmic and balancing all at the same time. The practice frequently combines pranayama (breathing exercises), kriya (physical postures), mudra (hand postures), mantra (chanting) and meditation simultaneously to experience being both embodied in our physical being and connected to a higher state of being. It is a sometimes playful and often challenging spiritually uplifting practice.

While this is not a beginners class, no experience is necessary. Please be advised that Kundalini Yoga is a strong physical practice.

Before you begin, gather your props.  You will need your yoga mat (or sheepskin) and may want to use a blanket and cushion or bolster to sit on.

Coming this fall!

Location: Live online from Home Studio

Kundalini Yoga in Northampton, MA

Amrit Sadhana ~ Vickie Healy, RN

Pay From The Heart

Pay From The Heart refers to the ancient practice of Dana* an ancient Yogic and Buddhist tradition of generosity or giving without expectation of return to support those freely offering the teachings.

For me, Pay From The Heart allows me to appreciate and recognize that only you know what you can afford in your unique circumstances. I share my experience and the teachings freely and invite you to support me and my offerings by gifting according to your means. It is an opportunity to practice generosity.

Please consider an offering in the range of $5 – $10 per class. Some may need to offer less and some may be able to offer more. Some may not be able to make an offering at this time, especially during the current Covid 19 pandemic. Most important is that we can practice together and support one another. Your presence online together and your practice together creates the vibration of higher consciousness for all.

Your dana, in any amount, is greatly appreciated and received with gratitude. Thank you!

With love & light always, Amrit Sadhana ~ Vickie

Yoga is Needed Now More Than Ever!

I am so grateful for all the Yoga teachings I’ve received and for my varied Yoga experience with Dharma, Kripalu and Kundalini Yoga! Especially during this uncertain and challenging time my practice and my ability to share it with you helps keep me grounded in my body and connected to a higher creative consciousness that connects us all.

Evidence based science has demonstrated the value of a Yoga practice in our everyday lives. Some of the benefits of a regular practice include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improves Breathing
  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Helps with Depression
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Promotes Heart Health
  • Helps with Chronic Pain
  • Improves Quality of Life
  • Promotes Healthy Eating Habits
  • Promotes Good Sleep
  • Increases Strength, Flexibility and Balance

*Legal Notice: Please check with your health care professional before participating in any exercise or yoga program. Awareness is fundamental to the practice of Yoga. It is your responsibility as a yoga practitioner to monitor each activity and determine whether it is appropriate for you to participate. You remain responsible for your own safety and well-being. Vickie Healy, RN assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may result from your practice.

“Vickie creates a peaceful, inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere in her classes. She accepts the level of each student, while offering gentle encouragement for growth. She is a respectful, warm, and knowledgeable teacher.”
“For a guy in his 60s, inexperienced with yoga, Vickie’s class was a pleasure and a revelation. She has a lovely, encouraging way of showing how to achieve a position and helping the novice get as close as possible. The flow of her classes, combining serious physicality with meditation and well-spaced relaxation, is inviting and restorative.”
Nick, Northampton, MA
“This past summer, at the urging of my wife, she and I went to our first yoga class. My first concern was my level of inflexibility, but then, when I realized I was the only male in the class, I also wondered how I would fit in. From the moment I walked in the door, Vickie made me feel welcome and at ease, and I barely gave it another thought. I am now able to do things with my body I didn’t think possible, and things with my mind that I couldn’t have imagined. Vickie’s classes have cracked the door open to a knowledge that I will build upon, value and use for the rest of my life. Thank you Vickie!”
Steve, Florence, MA
“At the age of nearly 50, my husband and I attended our first yoga class with Vickie. Yoga had been on my list of things to do/try for years. My only regret is that I waited so long. Vickie exudes a positive, compassionate and fun attitude. She knows when to push a little in order to get the most from a pose, but never to the point of making me feel incapable. I always leave the class feeling refreshed, relaxed and strong. I am incredibly grateful for everything Vickie gives to me through Dharma Mittra yoga and plan on making this a part of my life forever.”
Bonnie, Florence, MA
“I’ve been attending Vickie’s yoga class for nearly 6 months and thoroughly enjoy it. She gently guides us through the movements with her soothing and calming voice. I always feel relaxed, yet refreshed after every class.”
Kimberly A. Budd, Chicopee, MA
“I feel that the practice of yoga has been the only thing that has helped my spinal stenosis and arthritic pains. And Vickie has been the kindest, gentlest, most inspirational teacher that I have ever encountered. Thank you so much, Vickie.”
Lynne Knudsen, Easthampton, MA