My heart goes out to everyone, especially those directly affected by Covid 19 and their families. I’m sending love and prayers to all for healing, for love, for peace and for relief of pain and suffering.

We are all experiencing change and uncertainty in this world as we’ve known it. Each of us will experience this differently, but likely we all have some level of stress, anxiety, loss and fear. We are all seeking ways to restore our sense of wellbeing and find our path to healing.

We need yoga now more than ever! I am a teacher. I teach Yoga as a healing and self-care practice. I am passionate about teaching because through direct experience I know it works. And now science is corroborating this through evidence-based research. Current research validates what yogis have known and practiced for thousands of years.

The practice of Yoga empowers us as individuals to be our most authentic true selves in a state of true balance and harmony. We develop subtle awareness and a higher consciousness which allows us to embrace change and expand the choices we make promoting self-care, self- efficacy, health and healing.

Please invite your family, friends and neighbors, near and far, to practice yoga with you and me live online.

Weekly classes as follows:

VH Hatha Yoga – Sunday Class
VH Kundalini Yoga – Tuesday Class
VH Dharma Gentle Yoga – Wednesday Class

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my yoga practice with you live online and look forward to our practice together!